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How the time of sexual intercourse?important three method!

how the time of sexual intercourse? Important three method!
A woman or a man with a message of sexual intercourse will
in time more and more pleasure in Milan. Because Self:
regular meet each other in the body and the good things /
evil things, custom seat, happiness attitude The system is
about etc are well aware: craziness. [those who say ” a curry
to eat everyday with love – so don’t come after the female
red sa ” – request to them, ” please don’t lie. There is not
unfounded Our society. Adultery destroying system. Just a
few minutes come to the punishment for the life of faith is
about black get Ben why? The wedding with brothers and
sisters, what is the used to be that big goat – after the
wedding, if you know your wife is not ‘ ‘ slander, spent the
rest of my life with Ben? So why just pre-wedding of
byakulatā for so much? That kind of woman you can’t accept
– and the other men that you broke a luṭabēna future
collective.? Sorry if anyone hurt satbāẏa person ।] the main
discussion. was talking bout in the sexual intercourse and
most of the time in the process… Method 1: with / the
network (squeeze): caught this method has discovered the
māṣ And the two person named Johnson. Holding method is
actually from the name of the guess how to be. When a man
thinks his semen almost sthalanēra, on the way, he or his
partner gender right early anḍakōṣēra close gender at the
bottom On the road that facelift / semen that he bahiḥrgāmī /
mutranālī for a few seconds for them to pass. (gender from
with two fingers stuck like a clip.) will be catch up after the
pressure from 30 to 45 seconds break time like Take the
gender. This time the action or any type of sexual karyakrama
refrain from. This method so maybe some of the male gender
for a bit lose in 45 seconds. But when the activities again
starting again in the gender before will be back The process.
Squeeze in a million happy every time you sit on the toilet. to
remember all the method of partnership habit or practice
depends on it. So it is the first time to get the fruits be stupid
thinking. Method 2: Compress ( Ṭēnasiṁ): a method to say
about you before I give some basic ideas to urine. We have
full time for pissing niḥsbaranēra anḍakōṣēra ̔upatha gets
from the bottom up to that region with a khicunī talapēṭa
again with stress here give barnita compress or ṭēnasiṁ
method like this Same difference. However, we are now apply
khicunī – pressure will not discipline. for now – Milan, when
will guess the semen almost sthalanēra, then on the way all
your sexual karyakrama left off from the floor
anḍakōṣēra ̔upatha gets up Time for a few seconds of super
power khicē tree. In the time of the day. Leave again for a
few seconds of the day khicunī 2/1 times. In this way to see
when the semen sthalanērē pressure / feel gone then restart
your sexual activity. Compress methods to your sexual
intercourse will prolong. Again all the way, the effectiveness
of paprika habit or practice depends on it. So it is the first
time to get the fruits be stupid thinking. Method 3: B RAM
(teasing / Paws & play): this method is widely byabahr̥ṯ.
Usually all couple of this method help with it. This is in the
process of semen in sthalanēra pauchālē location didn’t put
out or if the inside and works honor Rest day. This time you
are distracted you to happiness. Money from yaṯ feeling mind
wrap.. When you feel the pressure drop, reduced to start
again. B RAM system of success depends on your habit On
the way. First in the process of success and not those who
found the sex they regularly isn’t this method of counting on.
Remember all the method of partnership habit or practice
depends on it. So it is fruit for the first time Don’t worry
getting appendix: all of the above the method of your music
and drink. So much for the women of the ideas in the ṭrikas
know or guess the men if you can not question about ideas.
It’s completely wrong. You are your wife to understand the
system say You will see that… Because she knows you are
more time means he should be of no benefit to

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